Property Management

We operate short- and long-term properties in a full range from renting apartments, through cleaning and repairs, to paying utility bills.

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Within our home management service, we make sure that you can rent out your empty apartment as soon as possible. We prepare your advertisement with interior design advice, quality photos, advantageous descriptions in Hungarian and English, so we can provide you with a full range of home management services.

In addition, we organize viewing appointments and introduce your apartment to those interested, as these are also part of our apartment management. We will hand over the offers to you in writing, agree on the terms and conditions and organize the conclusion of the contract. We screen tenant candidates in advance, ask for references, photocopy the necessary documents.

The contract is prepared by a lawyer, so this part of the home management process will be accurately and legally documented.


Property Management

In this step of the apartment management, we record the furnishings of your apartment and the readings of the meters in a protocol. We take care of the settlement of rents and costs, we perform accurate accounting.

For our home management tasks, we check your apartment and tenant at predetermined intervals. If something breaks down or requires maintenance, we assess it with trusted professionals, ask for a quote, and then check that the work has been done to complete our home management service.

After the tenant moves out, we order the cleaning of the apartment within 24 hours. In the case of condominiums, we participate in the general assembly and represent your interests.

Property Management Prices

13% of the monthly rent but at least HUF 15,000.

Renting out your property: the price is equivalent to 1 month of renting fee.

Prices are indicative, as every apartment is different and the tasks are different. The final price of the property management will be determined after the personal meeting and the on-site inspection.

I am interested in your service

Get in touch with us and we will help you solve all your property problems!